Enode / Eleiko – Bar Sensor Kit

Enode / Eleiko – Bar Sensor Kit



Please note!
Compatible Eleiko WPPO Powerlifting Competition Bar needed. Enode Pro App not yet supported.

Enode / Eleiko – Bar Sensor Kit

Eleiko reengineered its WPPO Competition Powerlifting Bar updating the sleeve construction to seamlessly house the custom-designed Enode / Eleiko Bar Sensor Kit. Integrating the Enode Sensors into the Eleiko bar sleeve gives athletes accurate data without the distraction of external measuring devices that could negatively impact lifting routines and performance.

Powered by Enode Pro

Download the Enode Pro App from Apple App Store for lifting analysis & training recommendations.

Get suggestions on loads and readiness and as well as detailed lift execution analysis with synchronized barbell trajectory, velocity graphs, and lift video.

Apps are available for iOS and Android, iOS device must run iOS 14.5 or higher, optimal performance with iOS 15.0 or higher. iOS device needs to be less than 4 years old.

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