Freelap Pro BT424

Freelap Pro BT424



The athletes wear FxChip BLE that wirelessly transmit accurate timing data to the coach on an Android or iOS device.

Click here to learn the difference between the FxChip and FxChip BLE.

Frequently Bought Together, Bundle and Save

+ Freelap e-Starter

Easy to Use: emits a SET command followed by random timed gun start BANG.
Versatile/Compatible: Use for block starts and standing starts, works with both FxChip and FxChip BLE..


+ Freelap FxChip BLE

Add another BLE chip to time additional athletes.

+ Freelap Tx Junior Pro Transmitter

Add a Freelap Tx Junior for additional splits

+ Freelap Tx Pad Pro

Add another TxPad for 3,4 point and block starts.

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