Dashr React- Reactive Agility

Dashr React- Reactive Agility



Most speed training gives athletes step-by-step drills to execute to become faster and more agile. But to prevail in the game, you need to make split-second decisions. Using Dashr | React you can train and test your athletes ability to make those split-second decisions.

Dashr Reactive Agility includes: 2 React wireless LED modules with 2 tripods, 4 timing Dashr|Blue gates (8 regular tripods, 4 laser module, 4 reflector), a carrying case, and 2 additional tripods for additional options. This package allows for the most flexibility with the Dashr system (4-Gate System) allowing for testing dash, flying, and agility drills.

This React modules in this system provide the ability to test reaction drills, perform sport specific reaction drills such as BD drill in football and bag stealing in baseball, and standard tests such as the Reactive Shuttle and Reactive Agility Test (RAT) which are demonstrated below.

The Dashr Reactive agility comes in two versions(indoor and outdoor). The outdoor version includes 4 heat shields for outdoor use.


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