Solos AirGo™ 2 Neon 1 Smart Glasses

Solos AirGo™ 2 Neon 1 Smart Glasses



AirGo 2, the new generation of Solos Smartglasses, evolving with our patented Whisper Audio Technology, Surround Sound and Personalized Frames which fit your own characters.

AirGo 2 is a pair of all-day smartglasses as it possesses the longest operational time among all smartglasses in the world. The directional stereo speakers give you incredible surround sound experience while Whisper™ is designed for superior phone conversation; as the built-in beamforming microphones help filter out external noise and focus on user’s crystal-clear sound.

Infused with a sense of fashion, the Lego-like temples allowing you to swap more than 30 different frames for expressing your personal fashion.

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