Vmaxpro Exxentric- Flywheel Adapter

Vmaxpro Exxentric- Flywheel Adapter



The Vmaxpro Exxentric- Flywheel Adapter is the ideal option for tracking your Exxentric flywheel progress and training.

The VBT Sensor is attached to the Flywheel Knob of your Exxentric flywheel training device and enables the tracking of data by measuring the Flywheel rotations. It can accurately analyze your flywheel training data, recommend inertia to use based on daily readiness, and provide detailed movement insights. See below for a video on how to use this adapter.

Vmaxpro Sensor not included. Compatible with all Exxentric kBoxes and kPulleys sold since 2018. Requires Vmaxpro App download. Currently, only compatible with our Apple Apps.

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